Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A cookie dough sandwich? Can it be true?

Cookie Dough Creations is located in downtown Naperville, IL. They specialize in creations using raw cookie dough, made without the eggs so they are perfectly safe to eat. You can order cookie dough plain kinda like as you would order ice cream. You can also get ice cream with cookie dough mixed in, or you can get the cookie dough sandwich.

 Yeah Ben was looking up places to try out last weekend and he found this place online and at first I was a skeptic, but we went and these things are so bad for you, but at the same time they are so yummy. It seriously took us like 4 days to eat these things, 1/4 of these cookie sandwiches is a sugar load in itself. The cookie dough sandwiches are two cookies of your choice with raw cookie dough of your choice sandwiched between the two cookies. They are about 5 dollars a piece. We actually got one for free because as the girl was putting Ben's cookie sandwich together a part of the cookie broke off so she gave it to us for free!! (Yay! We love free stuff)

I got two chocolate chip cookies with oreo cookie dough. Very sweet but of course very good!!

Ben got two sugar cookies with cake batter cookie dough. He loved it. He told me he wants me to order a bunch of these for his birthday next year instead of a cake. Ha!!

All in all this is a place you should check out, but not if you are on a diet that is for sure. If you have a major sweet tooth you will love this place! 

22 W. Chicago Ave.
Naperville, Illinois 60540

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  1. I hate when I see such delicious food so late because it makes me really hungry. I'll have to try out this restaurant if I ever get to Naperville. If you're concerned at all with getting sick fromm cookie dough, you should try out a pasteurized egg.