Monday, August 31, 2009

The Latest Crave

Ben and I were exploring downtown Geneva a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this cute little cupcake shop. I love baking and eating cupcakes so I had to get a few so we could taste test them. We got a german chocolate, black bottom, carrot, and a red velvet cupcake. They were pretty good. Our favorite was the german chocolate closely followed by the carrot. If you are a frosting lover then this is the place for you, their cupcakes have a ton of frosting and they even sell little chocolate cups filled with frosting, calling them frosting shots. We didn't try these up might next time we stop by. All in all this place is very cute and we will for sure be back. The cupcakes were $3 a piece.

227 S. Third Street
Geneva, IL 60134


  1. Love this post...although I can't eat these
    wonderful treats, lots of my readers can and will appreicate your candid posts about wonderful little unknown places that have delicious bites...
    I am adding you to my "Blog Nods" as your blog is something that is sorely needed as a guide to good eatas in our South and West burbs.
    It is time to show the N side and N burbs that they do not have the total corner on good eats.

    Your writing and reviews are fresh and unpretentious...
    You go girl...! ! !

  2. Hi Linsey...
    Here is a link to my post about Guava...
    I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

    Thank you again for letting us all know about the lovely place. I will definitely go back.

    How is school going...?
    You can email me @